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Wheeler County, OR

Population: 1,341 (2017)

Website: www.wheelercountyoregon.com

Economic Drivers: Ranching, Agriculture, Tourism

Unemployment Rate:

Oregon                 4.3% (Dec. 2017)

Wheeler County   3.9% (Dec. 2017)


    Wheeler County Property Tax Rates

Real Estate:

    Real Estate Eastern Oregon

    Real Estate Outback


Power Companies

    Columbia Basin Electric Cooperative

    Columbia Power Cooperative


Fossil, OR

Population: 446

Precipitation: 15.81 inches

Elevation: 2,654 feet

Website: www.cityoffossil.org

Economic Drivers: Ranching, Agriculture, Tourism  


Education: Fossil Charter School


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Mitchell, OR

Population: 117

Precipitation: 11.33 inches

Elevation: 2,777 feet

Website: www.mitchelloregon.us

Economic Drivers: Ranching, Agriculture, Tourism  

Education: Mitchell School District



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Spray, OR

Population: 146

Precipitation: 14.02 inches

Elevation: 1,772 feet


Economic Drivers: Ranching, Agriculture, Tourism  

Education: Spray School District



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Greg Smith

P.O. Box 447

Fossil, OR 97830

Phone: (541) 676-8719


Parcels of vacant land are available ranging from 1.44 to 19.72 acres. There is currently one anchor tenant. A second anchor tenant is under development. 


The property lies within the city limits and has immediate hookups to city water and wastewater (58,000 gpd) systems Electricity is on site and high-speed internet is available. 


The property lies within an enterprise zone and development incentives are negotiable depending upon proposed projects. 


  • Sale Price $17,000 per acre.

  • City Water

  • City Wastewater (58,000 gpd)

  • Electricity 

  • High-Speed Internet 

  • Enterprise Zone 


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For further information contact Teresa at the City of Fossil, (541) 763-2698.

Fossil Industrial Park